We are the safe and trustworthy option to fill your job vacancies of high level executives. We have the experience to fulfill your expectations. Based on the profile requirements of your company we work to find the best candidates for your staffing needs.

If you require it, we provide advise and consulting with regard to building the right profile and salary expectations for the job vacancy you are trying to cover. We verify personal and work references of your selected candidates as well.

Additionally, we do psychometric evaluations and competency evaluations for your candidates to determine apptitude, intelligence, personality and skills. We offer a service guarantee in case the candidate leaves the job early or if the individual does not end up being a good fit for your organization.

Lastly, to know the candidate better, we provide background investigation and reference check services to verify your candidate’s past history and financial status before a final decision is made.

Our Services:

Recruitment and Selection of Candidates

  • Promotion of job vacancies
  • Setup candidate interviews
  • Candidate interviews and reports
  • Candidate selection for final client interview
  • Follow up throughout the process

Psychometric Evaluations

  • Application of psychometric tests
  • Evaluation of psychometric tests
  • Report creation and delivery to client

Background Investigations and Reference Checks

  • Past work history
  • Credit and lifestyle investigation
  • Personal and Work Reference Checks
  • Review of investigations and references
  • Report delivery to client


  • Save time and money
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Tax deductible service
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

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