Having the best staff is an important advantage in the current demanding and complex business world. Given that business success is based on talent, hiring the most qualified staff is ever more relevant for organizations of all size.

DRH's outsourcing services offer flexible and scalable hiring solutions of great benefit to small, medium and large organizations. Built with our deep experience in recruitment and based on rigurous management processes, our outsourcing services will help you significantly reduce the cost of your payroll, saving on basic legal benefits for employees, avoiding direct hiring of temporary personnel and reducing administrative load and legal responsabilitites.

Our Services

DRH offers total personnel management services that include recruitment, hiring and staffing, payrolling and psychometric evaluations for candidates. All our services strictly adhere to current legizlation and procedures.

Hiring and Staffing

  • Promote open vacancies
  • Organize and conduct candidate interviews
  • Candidate evaluation
  • Candidate selection for interview with final client
  • Follow up through the entire process

Psychometric Tests:

  • Application of psychometric evaluations
  • Test evaluation
  • Psychometric tests' report submission and delivery to customer

Psychological Interview:

  • Interview
  • Candidate evaluation
  • Psychology interview review and conclusions report to customer

Background Investigations and References Check

  • Past work history
  • Credit and lifestyle investigation
  • Personal and Work Reference Checks
  • Review of investigations and references
  • Report delivery to client

Payrolling Services

  • Payroll management
  • Social Insurance and benefits
  • Accounting and taxes
  • Annual processes
  • Tax Filing
  • Aguinaldo and PTU

Our process begins with undestanding our clients' objectives. We completely align to your organization's needs, corporate culture, business strategy and overall talent.

The outsourcing services from DRH offer more than just financial benefits:

Management. Your business can stop worrying about additional administrative needs that require full time staff to operate. DRH will handle all of it.
Flexible Staff. Lower your costs and responsibilities by hiring our staff.
Cashflow Management. Your company can focus on managing its financial resources, prioritizing capital investment and general expenses. Outsourcing services will allow you to have a predictable cost and save.
Save Time. No need to reinvent the wheel. DRH has a full solution for your organization, why not take advantage of it?

DRH is a leading firm in Mexico with experience and highly qualified experts in each area of outsourcing services. Contact us to request a quote.

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