Do you want to reduce your operating costs? In an ever changing world, successful companies are capable of reducing their costs and increasing their productivity, very successful companies soon learn that payroll outsourcing is a very important way to reduce operating costs.

As an experienced national firm, DRH’s payroll outsourcing and management solutions helps increase business cost effectiveness and adaptability.

Take some of the complexity and streamline business operations by shifting specific payroll administration routine activities to DRH. Payroll will always be in time and in top shape, and with real benefits while complying with regulatory requirements.

Our Services 

  • Payroll
  • Social Insurance and benefits
  • IMSS, SAR and INFONAVIT (benefit management)
  • Accounting and taxes
  • Annual processes
  • Tax Filing
  • Aguinaldo and PTU

We become your payroll department, with all of our human and technology resources at your service.

We work with absolute confidentiality and precision when managing your sensitive information and data.


  • Accuracy and reliability: Minimize costly payroll mistakes and 360 degrees service without worry.
  • Productivity: Payroll management can be a time consuming activity. Without this burden, your staff can focus on more creative and profitable matters.
  • Insight: As payroll experts, we know every change in legislation and understand all the ins and outs of payroll-related tax laws.
  • No Worries: Achieve peace of mind with our payroll outsourcing services. Hassle-free payroll, a great concept.
  • Expert advise: Get advise from experts in legal, financial and labor matters when you need it.
  • Service: Fail-proof commitment.

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